Rolling with the New-New

Updated: May 22, 2020

Nineteen years ago, May 2001, is when we came to Carmel to open our children’s fashion boutique, our first New-New.

A few months later we opened Heaven, our up-scale boutique, another New-New for us.

Nineteen years later, a few more New-News in there, the ‘08 recession being the biggest one, we find ourselves here at this New-New, the Covid-19.

It’s been exactly two months since we closed our doors due to the stay at home order, and now we are hoping that our local business re-opening is imminent. The next New-New.

We have been busy daily, taking care of so much that gets put aside during daily business life; deep cleaning, painting, fixing, organizing, and mostly setting up a website that many have asked for. For our small boutique, this is a major New-New.

There is one major underlying, most important, absolutely amazing, blessed factor that stays constant during these New-News. Even if the changes may not be as we hoped, and that is ........ US!

Those close to us - our partners, families and friends play a crucial role in our New-News.

We wouldn’t be here without YOU. You have been amazing - genuinely supporting us, and caring, and feeding us with such heartwarming appreciation for what we do. YOU are the main reason for our success.

In our little mom-pop, family fashion business, we have had the most brilliant of YOU’s with US to take on the past adjustments and challenges. Thank you, sincerely, from the Heaven & Starchild team.

And now, when we are at the cusp of this next New-New, no matter what the outcome, knowing that we have YOU and all our US’s with us, and that makes ALL the difference.

So, with YOU, we say “bring on The Next New-New”!

- Ash & Monique, Owners of Heaven & Starchild in Carmel

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